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Sabeen Qazi is one of the founding members at BizGro Solutions Inc. and serves as the Director of Operations.
A client centric, result oriented Logistics Professional with progressive and demonstrated success in Warehouse Operations and International Logistics Management.

Proven global expertise in collaborating with strategic alliance to successfully manage product lines and profitability across Asia, Middle East and Europe.

A decisive leader, for delivering top-line performance and bottom-line results through strategic operations planning and partnership development.

Her knowledge of end to end warehouse management operations makes BizGro Solutions Inc an excellent strategic partner for clients who are looking to optimize the logistic processes within warehousing and distribution models. This partnership guarantees to deliver a value add service to any business.

Sabeen Qazi will share and execute BizGro Solutions Inc. Mission, Vision, and Values for delivering operational success and operational standards of quality and efficiency.

The Vision.

We strive to be a trusted and respected Logistics Management Company recognized by our clients for delivering operational excellence, developing successful and satisfied customers by focusing with our Supply Chain Management approach in solving our clients warehousing needs.

Our Mission.

To provide our clients with an expedited and near perfect operational execution of their logistics business and to do so at the lowest operational cost. By being intentional on our 3 business pillars:

Client Centric | Operational Focus | Intended Results.

And Commitment.

Integrity | We action the right course, regardless of the outcome.

Pursuit of Excellence | We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our business partners and clients.

Accountability |
We take ownership for individual and collective actions.

Partnership | Together we achieve collective and individual goals for our clients.

Passion | Our energy and focus are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.


Client Centric | Operational Focus | Intended Results.

Focused approach and Pro-active decision making.

"Our Clients will benefit from our focused approach and pro-active decision making, we are committed to delivering on our client’s operational requirements.  For us, each client has their own unique individual needs,  and we are equipped with the knowledge and experience level that encompasses all of the components involved with setting up or running distribution models."


                                                                                              Sabeen Qazi

  Director of Operations