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At BizGro Solutions Inc. we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that address the needs of our clients' product lifecycle. We manage the supply chain as a continuous whole, leveraging our experience and expertise to reduce costs, increase efficiency and continuously improve the operation of our client's supply chain. Our services are scalable and can be leveraged separately or combined with other BizGro Solutions Inc. services to maximize supply chain value.


3. Reverse logistics services, can be a costly operation to a client's core business. This operational cost can be recovered efficiently and with a quick turn around, by applying BizGro Solutions Inc. active management, custom solutions, and central returns processing.  

Real Time Returns Processing.

*We can stream line the returns processing, and manage resources to achieve maximum asset recovery plus inventory availability.

*Additionally vendor and customer credit processing will be expedited and accurately processed to minimize further costs. 

2.Product Packaging services specifically cater to deliver expedited, efficient and low cost setups. It is an integral part of moving products to consumer through the supply chain network and can be high velocity or seasonal in nature. We can align your needs and requirements seamlessly into our operational model thereby delivering what you are looking for!

Product Kitting & Product Packaging services.

*We can stream line the packaging process and manage labor resources to achieve your completion timeline.

*Integrating product packaging with product distributions reduces multiple touch points and lowers labor & equipment cost, with the added benefit of 

on-time service. 

It starts with.....

1.  We offer management services to warehouse and distribution models both in dedicated and shared facilities. Our process  focuses on expedited inbound receiving, active inventory management, cost effective operations management, efficient order fulfillment and transportation management. This approach when applied to the entire supply chain lifecycle will guarantee lower operating costs

Warehousing & Distribution services.

*Setup start-up models, full service solutions for day-to-day management in existing spaces.

Optimization services. 

*Gap, data,  and cost benefit analysis.

Inventory Management. 

*SKU classification, demand forecasting, inventory audits, cycle count programmes, analysis of bin locations.
Transportation Management.
*Carrier performance management, shipment bookings, handling freight bills, shipping documentation including packing lists, commercial invoices and bills of ladings.
*Warehouse supplies, equipment maintenance and leasing, temporary labor.

Continuous Improvement.

*Implementation of warehouse best practices, baseline operational functions, remove unnecessary process steps that will streamline operational functions.

Project Management. 

*Our solutions are tailored to your strategy, organizational structure, existing resources and capabilities.

*From project inception through execution, our capable project managers have the insight and experience to deliver results on time and on budget.

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